Sponsored Helmet Program

Logo placement on helmets along with a smartly located “this helmet donated by “your company name”.

We offer corporate sponsors the opportunity to choose the elements of a sponsorship program that suits their needs and their budget.  Quantities of helmets, size and diversity of logo can be tailored to your budget. Placement of logos on helmets, uniforms and safety gear are all scalable and customized to your specifications. Helmets are then handed out at schools, events and facilities free of charge to those who would not otherwise be wearing an approved helmet.  Events are Local, National and International.

Smart Skating Practices - Workshops

Our team will come to your school, event or facility to provide a captivating and informative educational seminar on the importance of helmet use and smart skating practices.                           
  • Brochures, stickers and giveaways.
  • Product/Service display & vending at various skate events


This is an opportunity for a corporation to present themselves as a major proponent of Brain Injury Prevention within the Action Sports Industry.  Major sponsors will obtain primary branding and visibility on our Professional Team Helmets and Team Jerseys, Leathers and boards. 

This is intended to be a long term relationship with a group dedicated to support of the NOBI Helmet Use and Smart Skating philosophophy.

  • Logo Map for Team Helmets
  • Logo Map for Team Shirts
  • Logo Map for Team Protective Gear






Action Sports Industry Insiders

As a skate company owner, you are tasked with a multitude of issues. From production to manufacturing to distribution to sales, there just never seems to be enough time in the day. Adding to this list is the issue of helmet use and smart skating practices.

The NOBI sponsorship program enables your company to be proactive. The NOBI logo tells the world that your company cares about putting safety first.

NOBI stickers and artwork will be provided to your company along with a booklet promoting helmet use and smart skating.  By affixing these two items to each board that goes out of your warehouse, your company will show the world that you are concerned about the safety and well-being of your customers.

You’ll be able to place the logo on your website, in your advertising and other promotional or public relations materials.

NOBI will also provide you with camera ready artwork to be incorporated directly into your graphics. This way, the NOBI logo is permanently affixed to your deck, wheel or truck.